PAX 2010: Conduit 2 Classic Controller Hands-On
Derrick Bitner
September 5, 2010, 4:53 pm

As we promised in our initial hands-on, we had the chance to try out the Classic Controller in Conduit 2, which they had just announced support for a few days ago. The implementation was still not entirely finished in the build we played, as the on-screen button icons still displayed those of the Wii Remote, and the Classic Controller's controls weren't yet customizable, though they will be in the final game (both sensitivity and button layout). Here's a look at the default controls we played with.

Conduit 2 Classic Controller Controls (Default):


Z2 - Fire

Z1 - AIm

L - Crouch, hold to run

R - Melee

B - Jump

Y - Reload

X - Switch Weapon

A - Throw Grenade

Left Stick - Move

Right Stick - Aim


After spending about 10-minutes with the Classic Controller, we must say we were impressed. We honestly felt like we were playing a shooter on the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, which is something that should please those who aren't too fond o motion-controls. The controls were very smooth, easy to use, and intutive (for those used to conventional shooters). However, it should be noted that aiming with the Classic Controller was, not surprisingly, not as fast as the Wii Remote, because you have to scroll instead of simply pointing.


In addition to the controls, the build we played looked even more refined than the one on display--the water effects looked brilliant and the doors looked fantastic. And they're not done--the artists are going over with a fine-toothed comb to ensure the final game looks as impressive as it can.


It's exciting to see the Conduit 2 shaping up as well as it is, and it's refreshing to see a developer that is still adding features this late in development in order to please their fans. And we must say, this game looks to play great regardless of which control method you use. Keep an eye out for Conduit 2 to drop  sometime in 2011.

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