Nintendo Fun Time

Or NFTii for short. A subscription service that delivers a completely unique Nintendo token, directly to your Nintendo Switch, every 90 seconds–even when you’re mid-game! Think of it as an exclusive digital gift for you to cherish forever. It’s all the fun of amiibo, but without the hassle of having to physically touch it. 

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A New, Unique Nintendo Token…Every 90 Seconds!

NFT137-X-Ray-Palutena NFT045-Who NFT761-Bored-Kong

Beamed directly to your Nintendo Switch, even when you’re mid-game! All for the low price of just $19.99 a year.

Wait, how did that decimal point get there…

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The Successor to Nintendo Fun Club!

That’s right, the free Nintendo newsletter that your parents used to get as kids–only now, completely reimagined for the modern gamer.


Includes One-of-a-Kind Nintendo Switch™ Profile NFTii

GoldPinkGoldPeach-Light-Mode Greedio-Dark-Mode NFTiingle-Light-Mode

Show everyone you’re unique every 90 seconds, and that you can throw your wallet around.

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Join the NFTii Club™ today on April 1st

Nintendo Fun Time. Finally, a product that even Wario can be proud of.

*Limit one million subscriptions per Nintendo account with paid NFTii membership on the NFTii Family of Tokens.

April Fools! Not affiliated with Nintendo in any way, shape or form. NFTs are bad, mmmkay?